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Silk Shantung is a heavy fabric that is made with silk fibers that are meant to be substitutes for cotton filaments. Sometimes referred to as spun wild silk, the texture of shantung is somewhat rough but not unpleasant to the touch. One of the characteristics that give shantung its reputation as a rough fabric is found in the weave of the material.

Instead of some sort of intricate weave, shantung employs as very simple plain weave design with a ribbed effect. The raised or ribbed sections of the fabric is produced from slubbed yarns used in the warp of the material. The use of raw silk fibers in the weave of the shantung is sometimes produced with similar results by using nylon or rayon blends that are geared toward imitating the look and feel of slubbed cotton fibers. Whether produced with spun silk or synthetic blends, shantung is a durable nubby fabric that has both texture and visual attraction. As simple drapery panels, shantung holds color well and often does not require liners to keep from fading. The material also works well for Cornice boards and swags.